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decorating kits

Two great decorating kits for which to be thankful.

thanksgiving kit box.jpg
thanksgiving centerpiece kit.jpg

Thanksgiving Decorating Kit

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Kit

Halloween kits


A fun and creative way to spend time together.  

Our Christmas kits include:

A dozen sugar cookies
5 Frostings
sprinkles and mini decorations

xmas kit.jpg

perfect for booing your friends and neighbors or for a Halloween party.  Each kit includes 12 baked cookies, 4 frostings and decorations for Halloween fun. 

halloween kits 2021.JPG

Snowman and Mitten Cookie decorating kits come with:
2 Snowman and 2 Mitten sugar cookies
2 buttercream frosting
sprinkles and mini decorations
2 Snowball Cocoa Bombs in your choice of white or milk chocolate


Build a Snowman cupcake kits come with:
4 pre-made cupcakes
4 Pre-made marshmallow heads
Chocolate pretzel arms and M&M buttons


St Patrick's Cookie Decorating Kits
6 shamrock cookies
3 pot o' gold cookies
3 leprechaun cookies
4 bags of buttercream frosting
2 bags of royal frosting
3 cups of sprinkles and decorations

image_6483441 (1).JPG
St Pats Kits inside.JPG

Easter Decorating Kits:

3 bunny face cookies
3 carrot cookies
3 chick cookies
3 easter egg cookies
7 colorful frostings
Decor and sprinkles

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