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Wanna know about us?

It all started because....

Decorating cookies, cake pops and cakes has always been a

passion for me.  A few years ago as I was trying to decide what

next in life, decided to try to make my love of baking and creating sweet treats more than just a hobby.  I started small with friends and family and gradually as more and more people requested baked goods, I launched

my home baking business Patty's Sweet Life.  As my home baking business

grew, I was constantly looking for a commercial kitchen with a little more space to accommodate bigger orders.   When the opportunity arose with Michigan Coffee and Creamery to rent their kitchen, I jumped at the chance and created my newest business venture Wanna Cookie.

Why Wanna Cookie?

Being home baking all day has lots of benefits for my friends and family, but especially for my 200 lb St. Bernard George.  Reject cookies go in the family cookie jar for my crew to eat and every once in a while, if he's a good boy, I give one to Georgie and say, "wanna cookie?" and he cocks his head in the cutest way.

It makes me smile every time.  

wanna cookie is my way of sharing those smiles with you.

I look forward to working with you to help fill your occasion with smiles and joy in our Beverly Hills location at our coffee shop, The Michigan Coffee + Creamery at 31225 Southfield Rd.

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